Energy efficient, labor saving systems

Mushrooms: Growing on the newer, energy efficient, labor saving systems

Sci Environments, Inc. provides engineered air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and ventilation products and parts direct from the manufacturer to demanding facilities that require specialized climate control to manage their products.

We have been providing expertise for over 18 years.  We help our customers in the design, engineering, and procurement phases of their projects.

Winery systems

Wineries: Climate is very important to the end product

We specialize in facilities that have in-house staff that can handle installation . We provide start up and technical service and support.  Food processing, juice, beer and wine production, large warehouse manufacturing facilities and museums  that require precise and controlled climate control are some of the industries we work with.

Clean room

See the difference



See the difference we can make in your facility. Jobs are expedited coming in below budget with quality results.

Sci Environments, Inc. specializes in selling Made in USA products.

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