Dampers & Louvers




Arrow United has a complete line of Dampers

Sci Environments, Inc. sells the Arrow United Line of Dampers and Louvers. They provide a complete line of commerical and industrial products. Arrow is considered the best in the industry, always top shelf, and will hold up to harsh and challenging applications.

Dampers and louvers can be custom manufactured to fit your specifications and exact sizes.


Sci Environments, Inc. specializes in selling Made in USA products.






Architectural Louvers and grills are custom designed to the exact specificiations of the project. Products offered include:

Stationary Extruded Aluminum Louvers

Vision / Sun Screens

Staionary Formed Metal Louvers

Adjustable & Combination Louver

Acoustical Louvers

Penthouse Louvers

Brick Vent Louvers


Industrial Dampers with mounted Belimo Motor

Control Dampers custom built to the job’s application. Arrow provides the following products using aluminum, steel and stainless steel, opposed and parallel designed:






Back Draft


Access Doors

Access Doors and Duct access products



Duct Access






Fire / Smoke Dampers

Fire / Smoke Dampers include:

Static Fire Dampers

Dynamic Fire Dampers

Ceiling Radiation Dampers



Damper Control, Sci Environments, Inc. sells the full line of Belimo products. All motors are sized for the damper ordered.

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